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Insurance Collision Repairs

We do collision repair work on all makes and models. We have developed a very good relationship with insurance providers and can handle all the paperwork for you.


Leak and Structural Repair

Some of our technicians are specialists in roofing and structural repair for water and leak damage. Our indoor service facilities have only the best equipment and technology for your RV.


Preventive Maintenance Service

Even seasoned RVers need a pre-vacation safety checklist to be sure they've checked all the safety factors, changed batteries, and replaced worn parts, including tires. It's even more important to do a thorough inspection and maintenance of your RV when taking it out of storage.


Product Installations

If it's broken, uncomfortable, out-of-date, or just plain ugly, it can be fixed! Our talented design team and skillful, dedicated technicians turn your RVs problems into beautiful and functional solutions. Our purpose is to help you get the coach you want without having to give up the coach you've got.



Our in-house fabrication area and techniques allow for quicker repairs as less time is spent waiting for hard to find parts that we can fabricate ourselves. We fabricate compartment doors, frame structures and more. With many RV manufacturers closing their doors permanently over the last few years during the recession, many of these materials and parts are simply not available anymore, which makes a fabrication department that much more critical to a true, full service collision center.

Services Repairs



  • Fiberglass repair

  • Metal siding replacement

  • Roof repair and reseal

  • Hitch installations

  • Battery testing and replacement

  • Rain leak repairs and testing

  • Awning repairs, maintenance and replacement

  • Trailer Brake repairs

  • Repack trailer wheel bearings

  • Canvas replacement





  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Heating

  • Furnace repairs and maintenance

  • Air conditioning

  • Electrical systems repairs

  • Water heater repairs and maintenance

  • Water pump repairs and maintenance

  • Appliance repair

  • LP system repair

  • Refrigerator repairs and maintenance

  • Satellites repairs Maintenance

  • General service and maintenance

  • Annual RV maintenance

  • Electric step repairs


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